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See our 90 second "What is AppTracker?" video here.

AppTracker was created in response to the ever-increasing complexity of managing the application estate and user-base. Our solution provides a collaborative workflow management tool that enables you to examine and maintain your current estate, as well as offering analysis and recommendation on what your future estate should look like. AppTracker provides a plan on how to reach your goals quickly and efficiently and the tools to monitor and report on progress.

AppTracker is the go-to solution across a diverse range of sectors including banking, finance, insurance, travel, government organisations, NHS trusts, construction and IT systems integrators.


The journey of an application from initial request through to end-device deployment is a complex one. In today's world, organisations need to provide an agile response to user requests for new or updated applications. This is where AppTracker can add immense value:

  • Increase team efficiency through fully-customisable collaborative workflow
  • Minimise inter-team hold-ups by automatically notifying the relevant team when specific events have occurred
  • "Single pane of glass" view of your estate via our dashboard. Quickly identify and remediate bottlenecks 
  • Fully tracked QA and UAT to improve delivery success rates and maintain SLAs
  • Increased application throughput through resource optimisation
  • Increased productivity and user satisfaction by reducing your organisation's application delivery times

We understand that maintaining your application portfolio means constantly updating installation instructions, source media, license information, dependencies, business owners and much more. We understand that applications need a process to get them from request through packaging, QA, UAT and deployment to the end-user device. All of this information and process can be stored, controlled and reported in AppTracker. With AppTracker you’ll always know the state of applications in your portfolio at a glance. 

user inTegration

AppTracker can manage users with the optional User Integration module. This allows you to build a model of your user-base, incorporating the organisational structure, geographical layout, contact details, and more. Software inventory data feeds allow us dynamically map individual users to the applications they use. AppTracker now has a detailed picture of the application estate, user-base and more importantly the dynamic user-application mapping based on real-time usage metrics. This allows us to:

  • Plan, manage and report on complex migrations
  • Build a future-state strategy plan where we provide the fastest and most cost-effective path to where your organisation needs to be
  • Start the deployment phase of migrations projects up to 75% earlier by utilising AppTracker Application Prioritisation (AAP) reporting 
  • Monitor readiness globally or at granular level
  • Manage user communications centrally

Moving to a new operating system is a big undertaking as there are many moving parts. AppTracker can help by keeping track of all of users, applications, deployment schedules, devices etc. and offer recommendations on the shortest path to success. Need to know which applications to get ready first to kick-start your migration? Run the AAP report. Need to know which applications are needed to get a department ready for deployment? Run a Blueprint Readiness report. Need to know which applications are holding up a deployment? Run a Deployment Unit Readiness report. You won't want to manage a migration any other way.

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