AppTracker provides a simple to use workflow management tool for application migration projects. Our goal is to reduce management and facilitation costs by providing one version of the truth and speeding up the flow of information to disparate teams.

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  • Build a rich application portfolio of your estate
  • Rationalise large application estates
  • Manage application packaging projects effectively
  • Track and migrate thousands of users easily
  • Report on every phase of the project
  • Automate tasks using a built in API
  • Schedule UAT testing and sign-off

AppTracker enables you to quickly build a comprehensive knowledge base and track your applications through any migration project or BAU environment.

With it’s easy-to-use interface and customisable questionnaire forms AppTracker can be quickly integrated into any environment without the need of costly redevelopment.

By mapping users to their applications it’s possible to work out which applications need to be packaged first providing the fastest throughput for user migrations.

AppTracker’s Packaging Impact Analysis report, User App Readiness report and additional "What if?" functionality allows a project manager to be fully in control of their project.

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